Random Thoughts

My Darling Katy

Have you read The Contract and/or The Baby Clause 2.0? If you’ve not yet delved into one of my favorite characters, you can find him here.

Sometimes during the writing process, a character from finished publication will start speaking again. I find this often happens with Richard. For all his gruff behavior, his heart beats solidly. I was discussing with my PA about upcoming bites, and Richard let me know he had more to say.

The letter was first published to Book + Main Bites here on December 5th.  Then on December 15th, I shared his words with my newsletter subscribers here.

Well, it’s back to work for me. Into final editing for my first ever three book series. If you want to find out more about those stories, yet another reason to join Book + Main Bites as I have a few excerpts shared there.

Happy Holidays to all my readers and friends!  Enjoy the season with loved ones. We will catch up in the new year!