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“Complex characters, high stakes for both, and a romance that emerges one layer at a time. So many romance novels are written with the H&H having an immediate connection or attraction in spite of differences that will keep them apart.
Not so with The Contract, and why it’s a standout contemporary romance. The hero is driven by selfish motives; the heroine is driven by the complete opposite. When these two forces clash, their need for each other to accomplish a goal forces them to discover unexpected qualities in the other. The result is a simmering connection that builds with a low, steady heat. I loved every page.” – Amazon Review

“Richard Van Ryan is one of those characters you love to hate. From almost the first page he’s an asshole, and yet the beauty of this book is that his character develops into a man worthy of winning his woman’s heart. An office romance with a twist, The Contract tells how Richard pays Katy (his ex-assistant) to be his fiancee, so he can fit into the family-friendly environment of his new job. It’s supposed to be purely a business arrangement. It isn’t supposed to get personal. But then Katy and Richard find themselves getting deeper into something neither of them can control. Beautifully written, and a page turner from the start, I found myself glued to my kindle. Loved it!” – Carrie Elks, author

“The Contract is Melanie Moreland’s best writing to date. While the tropes utilized by the author are very familiar (the contractual relationship that grows into the authentic, tossed about with small bits of the Cinderella/Pretty Woman scenarios), it is the magical writing of Melanie Moreland that keeps the reader invested in the story. The Contract is neither repetitive nor tiring — author Moreland’s writing has the capacity to evoke visceral reactions from her readers to the degree that one just wants to step into the story, grab Richard VanRyan by the scruff and shake some sense into this enorme chapeau de cul.
Whether you’re looking for a great summer read or just enjoy a well-written contemporary adult romance, Melanie Moreland’s The Contract is time well spent.
Five Stars” – Vagabonda Reads