Did I say FREE Audiobook?

I am tickled to announce I will be participating in a brand new podcast called "Read Me Romance".  If you love audiobooks, are audio-curious, or not sure what fans are talking about, this is a fantastic new way coming to you to try audiobooks. Launch was this Saturday at Shameless Book Con, and fans were… Continue reading Did I say FREE Audiobook?

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Canadians Rock Romance

"Dear Melanie, We're writing to let you know that you have been included in our recently published wiki: Sensational Canadian Romance Writers." Release week is always a busy time. You plan out marketing, celebrations and sharing your latest story with all who love to read. Unfortunately, inboxes and messages get left unanswered until you have a… Continue reading Canadians Rock Romance

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Interview with USA Today’s Happy Ever After Mary Dube

Release weeks are: Amazing Worrisome Tiring Surprising And not necessarily in that order. However, the book community has blessed me with several relationships that I've come to cherish. Mary is one such person: giving of time, honest and integrity.  We recently discussed this week's release, Aiden. You can read the interview on Happy Ever After… Continue reading Interview with USA Today’s Happy Ever After Mary Dube

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Exclusive Interview and Book Review: Aiden

My characters never leave me. At times, even the ones that stay silent for a long time will whisper in my ear, and ask if I still remember them fondly. I do. I always do. These three men of BAM have occupied my days for the past 5 plus months. Personally, I do not see… Continue reading Exclusive Interview and Book Review: Aiden

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Exclusive Trailer Reveal for Aiden

A million thank yous to Joyce Lamb and the staff at Happy Ever After/USA Today. Today they shared the book trailer for Aiden. Check out the post and comment back here with your thoughts: Exclusive Trailer Reveal: 'Aiden' by Melanie Moreland As you know, I'm tech challenged. Often making my PA hysterical with laughter. I… Continue reading Exclusive Trailer Reveal for Aiden

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To Kindle Unlimited or Not?

This interview appeared in the RARE18 London booklet distributed to attendees. I want to share with everyone. Please enjoy! xx Melanie What happens when a Welshbird, an Aussie, a Canuck, and an ‘Merican walk into a bar? You have the UN of Romance Summit. I asked my friends, Eli Carter, Beth Cranford and Mae Wood… Continue reading To Kindle Unlimited or Not?